NetShape Technologies Capabilities

powdered metal capabilities


NetShape Technologies has a wide range of capabilities pertaining to our Processes, Metallurgical Lab, Quality and Process Control, Assembly and Supply Chain Management.



Process Capabilities:


Powder Metallurgy (PM) Compacting/Molding
  • CNC Compaction Presses
  • Press Range: 2 tons to 1000 tons.
  • Multi-Levels: 9 Levels
PM Compacting / Molding




Powder Metal Injection Molding
  • >95% theoretical part density
  • High volume production capability through multi-cavity tooling
  • Complex part geometry
  • Ability to produce thin cross sections
  • Internal compoinding and material control
Powder Metal Injection Molding




  • Sinter Hardening
  • High Temperature Sintering
  • Sinter Brazing / Sinter Bonding




Finishing Processes
  • ID, OD, Surface Grinding
  • Double-Disk Grinding
  • Fine Grinding / Lapping
  • CNC Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Turning
  • Hard Turning
  • Heat Treat
  • Black Oxide
  • Metal Porosity Sealing
  • Sizing / Coining
  • Steam Treat
  • Vibratory finishing / De-burring
  • Oil Impregnation
  • Resin Inpregnation
  • Coatings / Plating
  • Assembly Capabilities



Metallurgical Lab Capabilities

NetShape Technologies operates a full metallurgical lab with extensive capabilities, staffed by trained metallurgists and engineers to support the following work:

  • Advanced material development
  • Product optimization and performance
  • Process optimization for current and future work
  • R&D for advancement of the Powder Metal technology
Metallurgical Lab Capabilities



Quality Control Principles

Stage gate review process for new product introductions

  • Regular Kaizen events for continuous improvement
  • Trained Six Sigma black, green and yellow belts-on staff to ensure quality culture
  • Disciplined problem solving and corrective action systems
  • Comprehensive documented quality systems
  • Extensive array of world class inspection systems
Quality Control Principles



Assembly Capabilities

NetShape Technologies can optimize your supply management process by delivering finished assemblies directly to your manufacturing line. Benefits include a reduction in supplier management costs, component inventories, supply base, while increasing inventory turns. We are a preferred and sole supplier to many Fortune 100 companies. Because of our demonstrated performance and in-depth product knowledge, our customers turn to us first for the development and production of assemblies. Our product experience enables design for manufacturability and reduces the number of components required. Assembly Capabilities


Contact us online to learn more about the Powder Metal and Metal Injection Molding capabilities of NetShape, or call 812-248-9273.