Powder Metal (PM) Parts Manufacturing

Powder metallurgy, or PM, manufacturing is a state-of-the art metal forming technology used to provide component solutions for a variety of applications.  The science of the technology brings distinct advantages over other metal forming technologies in material utilization, shape complexity, and near-net-shape dimensional control, all supported by a broad range of alloy systems that can be tailored to your application. All contribute to sustainability, making PM a recognized green technology, and the Preferred Metal Forming Solution.   

The powder metal forming solution offers many advantages:

  • Eliminates or minimizes machining by producing parts to near net shape
  • Minimizes scrap losses by typically using more than 97% of the starting raw material
  • Permits a wide variety of alloy systems that can be tailored for the application
  • Provides an excellent surface finish as formed
  • Provides materials that may be heat treated for added strength and wear resistance
  • Provides controlled porosity for self lubrication or filtration
  • Complex shapes and geometries not practical or impossible with other metal forming processes
  • Supports moderate to high-volume component production volumes
  • Part to part consistency at exacting tolerances
  • Offers long-term performance reliability for the most stringent applications
  • Sustainable manufacturing - Green technology

At NetShape Technologies, we take the science of Powder Metallurgy to the next level as we work with advanced metal alloys in becoming the design-of-choice solution. 

To see if your manufacturing can be improved by the PM process, or for more Powder Metal information, contact us online or call 812-248-9273.