Powder Metal Parts Manufacturing Process

Powder Metal Parts Manufacturing Process

  • Powder Metal ProcessThe powder metal parts manufacturing process begins by mixing elemental or alloy powders and compressing the mixture in a precision tooling set.
  • The formed components are sintered in a controlled atmosphere furnace to bond the particles metallurgically.
  • Sizing / restriking to improve tolerance and or feature.
  • Powder Metal ProcessWhile PM most often eliminates the need for secondary processes, nearly all types can be applied as necessary (e.g. heat treatment).

Powder metallurgy (PM) permits an unmatched wide variety of alloy systems and typically uses more than 97% of the starting raw material, making the technique inherently “green.”   

NetShape’s state-of-the-art CNC compaction capabilities combined with advanced material science offers unparalleled compaction flexibility and control across the widest range of geometries and materials available today. NetShape’s CNC compaction technology produces complex geometries not attainable with conventional processing techniques.  CNC Compaction’s Benefits Include:

  • Full feature forming through CNC compaction
  • Unrivaled process control and flexibility
  • CNC press sizes from 350 to 1000 metric tons
  • Forming capability up to 9-levels
  • Part to part consistency

Finishing Operations

Finishing OperationsThe NetShape PM advantage typically eliminates the need for additional secondary machining operations, but in cases where it is required, virtually any secondary process utilized for wrought or cast parts can be applied.  NetShape has unmatched secondary machining and grinding capabilities in-house for the most stringent specifications and control.  Processes such as hard turning, fine grinding, ID, and OD grinding are utilized to finish components with a precision of microns.  For fluid power applications, we optimize performance and efficiency through match grinding of pump components.  The enhanced surface characteristics of PM components combined with fine grinding make the powder metal parts manufacturing process a superior method compared to competing technologies.

NetShape can provide a variety of other finishing processes, including CNC turning, milling, drilling, threading, deburring, steam treatment, heat treatment, powder metal porosity sealing, and plating. We collaborate with our customer in choosing the right material and process for a cost effective solution.  

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