NetShape's Manufacturing Processes

Taking the science of powder metal manufacturing to new levels

Whether your application calls for metal injection molding or powder metal parts manufacturing process, we can provide solutions which drive value and performance. NetShape’s powder metallurgy and metal injection molded components are used in numerous applications that touch all walks of life in everyday use. NetShape’s capabilities enable market leaders and emerging technology companies to generate competitive advantages and enhance speed to market through the development of innovative components.

  • NetShape Powder MetalNetShape Powder Metal - combines closed loop, CNC presses as large as 1100-tons.  NetShape offers the capability to produce highly complex, large geometries with net shaped features unattainable through other metal forming processes.  Our innovative approach and capabilities enable us to produce the most complex parts possible in powder metallurgy.  Our CNC compaction technology enhances dimensional accuracy, thus eliminating many secondary processing steps.

  • NetShape Metal Injection Molding - combines the most complex geometries with the performance of high-temperature alloys to create near-full density components.  This proven NetShape Metal Injection Moldingprocess produces higher production rates (100,000s per month) and lower component costs than machining, provides improved tolerances and better surface finishes than investment casting, and addresses the most complex geometries.

  • Advanced Material Systems—NetShape offers a wide variety of solutions to match or exceed your application material property requirements by employing the best combinations of chemistry, powder types and alloying methods, and process technologies.

  • High-Temperature Sintering—increases diffusion bonding of particles at temperatures up to 2600° F (1425° C) in the powder metal manufacturing process, dramatically increasing component  strength and improving dynamic properties.

  • Custom Alloy Development—by analyzing part performance requirements, NetShape’s application engineers and seasoned metallurgists can develop special alloy solutions that are tailored for optimum part performance and value.

  • Secondary and Finishing Operations—for applications that require features or tolerances beyond what can be obtained through net shape processing, NetShape provides extensive in-house finishing capabilities that can exceed the most stringent requirements.

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