The NetShape Advantage

NetShape Technologies is a global leader in the design and production of engineered components using advanced Powder Metallurgy and Metal Injection molding technologies.  Whether offering quality improvements over investment casting or eliminating CNC turning operations from a manufacturing process, we provide several strategic advantages that are unmatched in the industry . . .NetShape provides key advantages by taking the science of Powder Metal technologies to new levels.

  • Speed to Market:  A proven new product introduction process, coupled with advanced engineering and mechanical modeling techniques, delivers optimal product launch success.
  • Materials:  We can tailor alloy systems to optimize performance and cost effectiveness.
  • CNC Compaction:  With the ability to form parts with up to 9 levels, we are able to produce complex geometries that would be impractical or impossible with other metal working processes.
  • Thermal Processing:  Specialized thermal processing capabilities to support unique materials for critical applications.
  • Flexible Product Volumes:  NetShape Technologies supports customer production runs from thousands of parts per year to the millions.
  • Tolerance Control:  NetShape Technologies has the ability to meet exacting specifications, creating value by eliminating or minimizing costly secondary machining operations, inherent with other metal forming processes.
  • Part-to-Part Uniformity:  NetShape's robust powder metal or MIM processes coupled with our six sigma manufacturing philosophy produces extremely consistent parts with a high material yield ratio.
  • Finishing Capabilities:  World class in house secondary machining capabilities to support the most stringent designs and requirements.

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