NetShape Technologies

A global organization with almost 50 years of experience

NetShape Technologies is a global manufacturer and metal components supplier headquartered in Floyds Knobs, Indiana, with manufacturing and sales sites located in North America, Asia and Europe.  NetShape designs and produces engineered components through state of the art Powder Metallurgy (PM) and Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technologies.  We are the largest industrial powder metallurgy company in North America.  

Powder or sintered metal is a highly developed, net shape metal forming process that is becoming the technology of choice for many industries and markets. NetShape’s capabilities enable our customers to improve their position in the marketplace by utilizing advanced materials, geometries and tolerances not possible with other metal forming processes such as investment casting, forging, machining, or traditional powder metallurgy.  We are experts at converting components from other metal forming methods utilizing our Conversioneering® process.  Design collaboration is optimized with our advanced modeling and analytical tools. Our highly evolved approach creates value by minimizing waste, energy, lead times, and inventory while maximizing speed to market and reliability.

Our senior leadership brings decades of experience with Powder Metal technologies.  We have dedicated product development and engineering teams to partner with you to take your ideas from concept to cost effective, reliable powder metal solutions.  We are always working forward with innovative materials and processes developed through our central metallurgical lab and shop floor.

Our applications expertise focuses on collaborative product design and high performance materials. Our participation in thousands of customer designs has given us an unmatched reputation in applications such as:

  • Hydraulic and fluid power systems
  • Fuel cell and medium voltage electrical components
  • Intricate, miniature metal components
  • Engineered products for mechanical applications
  • and more...

Contact us online to learn more about how we can become your metal components solution provider, or call 812-248-9273.